Following the formal launch of Irish actor Karl Argue’s short film The Anti Love Pill at the Clermont Ferrand market last week, SVT Sweden and Gaiam TV in the US have acquired the film. Derry O’Brien at Network Ireland Television secured the sale.

This follows the film’s first broadcast on RTE’s Shortscreen last year, and its 3-year deal to be shown in Cineplex’s across Japan.


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  1. Karl….congratulations to you. I’m delighted to rub shoulders occasionally with the (soon to be?)rich and (always) famous. A pint for you when I see you next….and then you can get me two,ok?

  2. Thank you Mr. McMahon, it would be a great honour to have a drink with a great artist such as yourself. Lets make it happen…. just as soon as I’m back from L.A.

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