A fledgling Irish Production Company is seeking a panel of crew members to draw on for a number of upcoming non-fiction productions. These projects will offer a wide range of experience and involve innovative ideas and approaches to entertainment. Expenses will be covered for all productions and some expertise on certain shoots will involve nominal fees. The crew members sought include:

•       Camera Operators
•       Sound Technicians
•       Electricians/Light Technicians
•       Set Designers
•       Hair and Make-up Artists
•       Runners
•       Editors

All levels of experience will be considered, however, links to samples of work must be provided along with CVs.

Applications can be sent to with “Panel” in the subject line

Deadline is 01/03/15

Please note, if we the production company is interested in taking you on as part of their panel and/or have any queries about your application they will endeavor to respond within 4 weeks



  1. A production industry in Ireland cannot even begin to grow as long as posts like these exist. You want people to work and share their skills and knowledge for tea and biscuits? Is this a student project? The tone of the ad is one if a real job post but offers of ‘experience’ and the opportunity to work on your earth shattering innovative ideas are insulting to people striving to forge a career as a professional editor, sound or camera op etc.
    This type of exploitation is damaging to the industry and I call bulls#!t on those who claim ‘experience’ is a legitimate pay off for your time.
    This is not a crew call, this is a volunteer call.

  2. This kind of thing is illegal and the production company should be reported. This is absolutely not the way to do things. Anybody who takes them up on the offer to work for free needs their head examined.

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