Indee Productions are seeking presenters for a new Irish language series for young people, Na Dúlradóirí

Seeking high energy Irish speaking presenters who will connect with their audience of 8-12 year olds through a shared sense of fun, wonder and adventure.

The presenters will care passionately about the natural world, exploring and preserving it and will really encourage kids to feel the same.

Are you as passionate about the wonders of creation as Brian Cox? Do you admire the independence and outdoor skills of Katniss Everdeen? Do you enjoy quite interesting facts like James May?

You must be inquisitive, irreverent, creative and independent. Much of the role will involve lively pieces to camera – where personality can shine.

It’s really about making a fun and positive connection with the audience.
Please supply a one-minute clip of you presenting some content which you think 8-12 year olds would enjoy.
Apply Now / Email: neepa @

Deadline: 28th January 2015


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