This is a multidisciplinary commission and applications are invited from professional visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, theatre practitioners, dancers and more. Applicants can submit a proposal to work with one or more projects. Each project has a commission value of €10,000.


Three villages and their secrets have been identified. Each ‘secret’ contains the story of a particular family and their influence locally and internationally


Kinnitty – Rex Ingram Hitchcock (the renowned Hollywood director of the silent era)

Clara – the Goodbody Family (a Quaker family of international merchants)

Clonbullogue – The Joly Family (a family of science and literature, responsible for radio therapy, colour photography and the establishment of the National Library)


Each commissioned artist will be working with a local voluntary community group (already identified) who have put forward a ‘secret’ for this project. A description of the proposed consultation and collaboration needs included as part of the artists submission. We are predominantly interested in the artist’s vision for how each story can be innovatively realised, interpreted, communicated and made public. We are open to these commissions being plays, publications, temporary installations, films, music or performance.


Closing date for application is Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 3pm

An information brief and application form can be downloaded from

Further information from 057 9357400


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