Songs for Amy has been officially selected for the Boston Irish Film Festival and will screen on Saturday 22nd March at 8pm, Somerville Theatre, Davis Square, Boston. Tickets are available now from http://www.irishfilmfestival.com/songs-amy


“This is a fantastic opportunity and great recognition for Songs for Amy”, according to Fiona Graham, writer/producer of Songs for Amy. “The film will be theatrically released in the USA, specifically New York and LA so the to be able to show case the film at the prestigious Boston Irish Film Festival just prior to its release is really great news.”


Sonny and Skye have partnered with Traverse Media, based in LA, to release Songs for Amy in Ireland and the USA both cinematically and on digital platforms. In order to raise much needed funds to promote the film, they have created an Indiegogo campaign www.igg.me/at/songsforamy to help make the release a success. Fiona Graham explained, “Independent films like Songs for Amy have to look outside of traditional models to fund distribution as they do not have access to budgets for promotion of the film like studio films or films who are backed by large scale corporations. The campaign seeks to involve the public where the campaign sells perks associated with the film such as limited edition cast and crew t-shirts, downloads of the film and soundtrack, premier tickets and opportunities to meet the cast. Every cent will help the film’s launch and ultimately its ability to reach audiences.”


Songs for Amy will premiere at The Screen in Dublin on May 1st and then screen in both Galway and Dublin in IMC cinemas. If the film has a successful launch in these cities it will be rolled out to other IMC cinemas throughout the country.





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