Nick McGinley is hosting an Audition Technique Workshop on Monday, March 3rd in the Central hotel.

The workshop will consist of a lecture on what actors should do to prepare for auditions; what to do and what not to do in the room. There will then be a Q&A.

Each actor should prepare a short scene (3-6 mins) that they could perform with another actor (if both attending) or play with another actor reading cold. No monologues please.

Nick will direct you in these scenes, each scene played a number of times. The aim is to train yourself to be open enough in your choices to take direction – it helps if you’ve deliberately thought about wildly different / counter-intuitive-playing, so that you’re prepared for odd direction in the room. For instance playing a character in a desperate situation with nonchalance – sometimes going against the logical sense of a scene can yield the most interesting moments.

A final version of each scene for each actor will be available on a private vimeo link – for you to use as a learning tool. Nick will also bring some scenes for each actor to do a cold-read on, a skill worth cultivating.

This is the only public workshop Nick McGinley is doing this year.

The price is E40 per actor. The day is 10am-5pm with an hour break for lunch.

Book directly at / 086-8239035

You can read Nick’s article ‘The Art of Getting Cast’ here

Nick McGinley has been casting director on Irish features Kisses, The Other Side of Sleep, Dollhouse, Life’s a Breeze and Brendan Muldowney’s latest feature, Love Eternal, and has done Irish casting for UK and US co-productions (71, Brand New U, Calvary, The Guard, War Horse, Wrath of the Titans).

Nick’s 2009 comedy book 100 Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon II reached number 8 in the Hodges Figgis chart and in 2008 he performed in the award-winning comedy double act Hoarse Throat Soothers. Nick has been a radio essayist for Spectrum and Frequencies on RTE Radio 1 and has written radio plays, TV scripts and screenplays. He is currently finishing a collection of short stories and will embark on a live storytelling tour in 2014.