lvmc pic
Pre- Production work has started on Floor Unit Productions newest short film Lennon v McCartney. After two short films in a year (A House of Cards and Normal), actors and writers Mark McCabe and Eddie Jackson decided to work on their next projects separately. Marks wrote and starred in the play Death Row Cowboy, which was recently on in Smock Alley Boys School.


Eddie has gone on and adopted a short play into a short film. Lennon v McCartney is a short play written by Stephen Kennedy and has been shown in the New Theatre and toured both Ireland and the UK. But Eddie won’t be acting this time and has decided to try his hand at directing the short film. “After working from start to finish on our last two short films,  I got more interested in directing a short film. I have seen the play twice and thought that’s perfect. Great dialogue and an interesting subject.”


Starring Steve Gunn (Titanic: Blood and Steal) and Seamus Brennan (Normal), who is also producing the picture, the film tells the story of Tommy and Brian. On the way home they stop in for their last few drinks. What happens next neither of them expect. The debate that has ended friendship and destroyed families. The talented rivalary that changed music for ever, Lennon or McCartney?


The film’s crew consists of Bart Chowanski (The Rattle of Benghazi), Stuart Duff (Product of a Nation), Ali Doyle (How to be Happy), Enda Roche (Justlikeabitch) and Emma Keane (Normal), most of whom worked on Floor Units previous two shorts. With artwork for the poster been done by Georgina Flood.


The Indiegogo campaign is nearing an end with shooting starting in mid to late March.