LeGalaxie - Lucy Is Here-Music Video

 LeGalaxie – Lucy Is Here (Music Video)


Greg Corcoran shares some valuable advice for filmmakers.

Always have a pen and notebook to hand for ideas. Or your notes on smartphone, whatever works just jot them down. Ideas strike at the strangest of times and in the strangest of places. Write them down no matter how inane or ridiculous. Ideas are currency. Ideas open doors.

Insurance is your friend. It can seem prohibitively expensive, it’s not, particularly if you shop around for an annual policy, but it will save your bacon. In fact it’s essential. Unforeseen circumstances can and will occur to even the most prepared of filmmakers.


Learn how contracts, releases and copyright laws work. They may seem stuffy and admin-like but again they are all essential.


Never stop wanting to learn. Don’t settle for mediocre. Don’t stand still. Go to the cinema, the theatre, exhibitions and gigs. Be inspired.


Experiment. Want to succeed but don’t be afraid to fail. Just fail better next time. You will never ever be happy with your end product and you will never ever have enough budget. Grab a camera and go make it happen.


Keep en eye on Irish talent on TV and in film. Check out IFTN, Film Ireland and Film Makers Network for news and updates on awards schemes, training opportunities, etc. Be aware of what’s going on, what’s being shot, whose doing what. People are great, go talk to them face to face, they will help you.


Support fellow filmmakers on kickstarter and fundit. You never know when you may need support in return and it’s nice to be nice!


Embrace social media. You are a brand. Sell yourself. In an authentic and organic way, but sell yourself nonetheless. No one else will if you don’t.


Greg Corcoran writes, produces and directs short films such as Dead Load and Mac an Athar and music videos for bands like Le Galaxie, Autumn Owls and Alias Empire. He also works in lighting at RTÉ and lectures in TV production at DIT. He is on the Board of Directors at Filmbase 

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