Oscar® winner Richard Dreyfuss attended an exclusive Jameson Cult Film Club screening of the 1975 Spielberg classic, Jaws on Tuesday 18th February on Amity Island aka Dublin’s Mansion House. The actor also participated in an in-depth Q&A about the movie and his career  following the screening.


Following on from last year’s highly successful screenings of Predator, Die Hard, Intermission and LA Confidential, the Jameson Cult Film Club was challenged with transporting the audience right into the ‘jaws’ of this killing machine for another unforgettable viewing experience and the 450 ticket holders were not left disappointed.


The venue was completely transformed to replicate Amity Island and on approach, guests were directed to dry land under the watchful eye of the lifeguard on duty.  Lookalike actors played out the parts of Roy Scheider’s Chief Brody, Robert Shaw’s Captain Quint and Richard Dreyfuss’ know-it-all oceanographer Hooper in key scenes while fishermen trawled the jetty after there was talk of an ominous shark fin seen gliding through the murky waters.


Beachgoers also got the chance to hang out with Quint at the bar whilst in the next room a council meeting took place to decide if the beach should remain open – luckily for Jameson Cult Film Club fans, they decided it should! Live theatre and special effects timed perfectly with on-screen action helped to create an electric atmosphere throughout the screening, including a live pyrotechnic display where the audience got sprayed with water and some fake shark blubber when Brody shot the exploding air tank in the shark’s mouth.


Speaking at the event, Mr Dreyfuss said, “I haven’t seen Jaws in a few years now but I am really impressed with the staging and actors tonight, gives the movie a whole new life for me. Reminds me why I still can’t walk from a beach into the water!”


Following the screening, the party continued in true Jameson style with guests tucking into ‘shark’ burgers and Jameson, Ginger and Lime long drinks while DJ Aidan Kelly took to the Orca decks to play some killer tunes.  Enjoying the Jameson Cult Film Club Experience were rugby players Mike McCarthy, Dominic Ryan and Darragh Fanning, directors Jim Sheridan and Kevin De La Isla, presenter Eoghan McDermott and international model Sam Homan.


For the uninitiated, Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching your favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport you into the film’s universe. This is a free event for movie fans, check out www.jamesoncultfilmclub.ie for details of upcoming screenings and register your details for the chance to win free tickets.