The Inquiry

Saturday, 22nd February 2014

12.30PM @ Light House

The 1913 Lockout occurred at a time when trade unionists, employers and politicians were beginning to debate the internationalism of capital and its consequences. Issues of globalization, competition and the social wage are once more at the centre of political and ideological dialogue, as they were 100 years ago.

The Lockout is also the nearest thing Ireland has ever had to a socialist revolution. It provides a glimpse of analternative Ireland that people strove for, before competing nationalisms imposed their own social straitjackets on irish society

From the 29th September to the 6th October 1913, in a meeting room in the East Wing of Dublin Castle, the two key protagonists of the lockout, trade unionist Jim Larkin and industrialist William Martin Murphy were cross-examined, delivered evidence and made statements to the Board of Trade Inquiry into the Dublin Industrial Dispute headed by Sir George Askwith. As the British and international media looked on an iconic clash of ideolgies and personalities took place whch still resonates today.

The Inquiry is Brian Gray’s fascinating docu-drama that brings to life the events that occurred in that meeting room in 1913

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