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Bold Puppy, an independent film and media company based in Co. Kerry, have just released a trailer for their upcoming feature-length documentary, La Violencia, The Untold Truths of Guatemala – a documentary film about the indigenous Mayan women of Guatemala, their painful past and uncertain future in the fight for justice and equality.

The documentary tells the story of Guatemala’s violent history against its indigenous Mayan people. A society torn apart by a 36 year civil war (1960 – 1996) during which acts of Genocide were committed.

Acts of torture and sexual violence were unmercifully implemented by the armed forces as a weapon to eradicate the Mayan lifestyle and society.

Today, Guatemala still remains one of the most dangerous countries for women in the world. Rape, domestic violence and femicide are rife. Between January and September 2013, 771 women were reported murdered in Guatemala.

2013 placed Guatemala on a world stage as it became the first country in history to put a former head of state on trial in a domestic court, the accused is General Jose Rios Montt.

La Violencia, The Untold Truths of Guatemala is a never before seen account of the horrors experienced in Guatemala, along with exclusive coverage of the historical trial of their former head of state, General Jose Montt.

Bold Puppy will be submitting it to film festivals both nationally and internationally this spring.

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