The Devil’s Pool – Madness, Melancholia And The Artist

Tuesday, 18th February 2014

6:15PM @ IFI

Cecily Brennan’s film The Devil’s Pool – Madness, Melancholia And The Artist concerns itself with the question: is there a connection between creativity and madness?

According to Brennan, speaking to Film Ireland, “There’s a long held public belief in a connection. The documentary examines and questions attitudes to both creativity and madness using dramatisation and interviews with four contributors: poet Paul Muldoon, playwright Frank Mc Guinness, academic Professor Patricia Waugh, and psychiatrist, and leading researcher in the world on this subject, Dr. Simon Kyaga. Each interviewee was selected carefully as I was acutely aware of the importance of balanced and informed comment on this complex and controversial subject. Fascinating views and overlaps emerge during the documentary leading us to question our unchallenged assumptions about this belief.”

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Director: Cecily Brennan

Cast: Marty Rea

Duration: 35 minutes