No Limbs No Limits

Saturday 15th February 2014

11:00AM @ Savoy

No Limbs No Limits is the extraordinary and awe-inspiring life story of Irish born Joanne O’ Riordan. Joanne, who suffers with a rare physical  disability known as Total Amelia, is only one of seven known people in the world living with this physical form. This means she was born without all four limbs.

Directed by her brother Steven O’ Riordan and narrated by Tony Award Winning actress Marie Mullen, this film follows Joanne’s journey from her home in County Cork to the United Nations in New York, where she delivers a key-note speech and a challenge to the most influential women in technology: to build her a robot.

Through touchingly candid interviews with her parents and moving use of old home movies, No Limbs No Limits demonstrates the incredible things one can achieve when motivated by love.

It is a story of hope, triumph over adversity and is a story of how human resilience can conquer all.

Speaking to Film Ireland, director Steven O’ Riordan said: “The intention of the film is to show the world what one person can achieve even if the odds are stacked against you.  The documentary is an intimate portrait of the incredible life of Joanne O Riordan as she prepares to address the United Nations. We discover what it is that Joanne has achieved and how it is she has overcome many obstacles to achieve what others would deem impossible.

“To have this film shown at the festival is a huge honour. I want people to come away with the sense of a can do attitude and that anything is possible if you focus and are given the chance. It’s an important film because it opens up a conversation on what it is like to have a disability and how people can misjudge you on that basis.”

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Director: Steven O’Riordan

Duration: 70 minutes

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The 12th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival takes place from the 13th – 23th February 2014.


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