Oops! Noah is Gone

Four Irish projects will take part in the 16th edition of Cartoon Movie, from 5 to 7 March in Lyon, making up 60 feature film projects which will be pitched to over 700 animation professionals from 40 countries.

The following Irish projects will participate:

Oops! Noah is Gone – Moetion Films – An Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium Co-production – In Production
Song of the Sea – Cartoon Saloon – An Ireland / Luxembourg / Denmark / Belgium / France Co-production – In Production
The Sandwolf – Paper Dreams. An Ireland Sweden/Germany/ Co-production – In Concept
You, Me, the Sky and the Sea – Wiggleywoo (Ireland) – In Concept

Further information: / Tuilleadh eolais: http://www.cartoon-media.eu/cartoon-movie-event/cartoon-movie-2014/attend-1/registration-3.htm


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