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Hosted at Filmbase on the first Thursday of every month, ShortSpace is a place for filmmakers and film fans to get together, screen and discuss short films and short filmmaking. Each month Filmbase will select a variety of short films based around a specific theme or topic. These films will be screened and then the filmmakers behind the films will be asked to talk about their experience in making each film. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner this month’s ShortSpace will be led by a love theme but with an alternative twist. The first 2014 ShortSpace will take place at 7pm on Thursday, 6th February and the theme is “Alternative Valentine’s” and will be represented by four films on the night. February’s screening will see a fantastic line-up of short films including The Anti-Love Pill, Romantic Hideaway, Barry’s Bespoke Bakery and Alia, which will be followed by a Q&A with some of the filmmakers.

Alia by Claire Dix was funded by the Irish Film Board’s Signatures scheme. It tells the story of a young Afghan girl and her family living in Dublin. The DoP was Piers McGrail, the film was produced by Nodlag Houlihan and Baria Shafaq starred in the lead role. Thanks to all the cast and crew. Alia premiered at the Cork International Film Festival in November 2012. Both Nodlag Houlihan and Piers McGrail will attend the ShortSpace Q&A.

Barry’s Bespoke Bakery, directed by Denis McArdle, is a lavish wonderland of refined cakes owned by the fastidious pâtissier Barry, where everything has its place, except for his talented employee Brian. The film stars Michael Bates and Steve Gunn. Ben Keenan produced the short which went on to win Best Screenplay at The Fastnet Short Film Awards. Both Denis McArdle & Ben Keenan will attend the ShortSpace Q&A.

The Anti-Love Pill was written, directed and produced by Karl Argue, who also stars alongside Vanessa Matias Fahy (The Shadows), Tara Power (Republic of Telly) and Brian Mc Guinness (King Arthur). The Anti-Love Pill follows a love-sick man, who searches for the cure for love.  The Anti-Love Pill was shot on location around Dublin between Winter 2011 – Spring 2012 and is produced by Adopt a Hermit. Karl Argue will attend the ShortSpace Q&A.

Romantic Hideaway, directed by Andrew T. Wright and starring Donie Ryan and Pagan McGrath, is about a young woman held captive by her deranged, obsessed admirer, as she fights for her life in a bid to escape from his demented interpretation of love. Most notably, the film was screened in cinemas as the support film to Best Film Oscar winner Argo and qualified for the IFTAs. It has since been acquisitioned by RTE for the Shortscreen series. Both Andrew T. Wright and Donie Ryan will attend the ShortScreen Q&A.

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