Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Male Actor – 20 to 30 years of age
Female Actress – 20-30 years of age
Camera Operator.

Roles are ideally suited for film students wishing to add to their CVs and filming experience.
Positions are unpaid but travel and food will be covered.
Filming is in March 2014 in the Roscrea/Birr area of Offaly

The film deals with the last 24 hours of a heroin users life with flashbacks over the events that have led to that last day. It is a mature film, challenging and quite dark. It in no way glorifies drug use and is very much about the fatal consequences of drug use
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  1. Vanessa Fitzpatrick Reply

    I am 26 years old. I am from Carlow and would love to get experience in the filming world as I have mainly done theatre. The film you are doing is on an important subject and one that needs to be addressed to make people aware of the problem that drugs are. I would love to get involved. I am also familiar with Rocrea as my mam is from there, I spent alot of my life there. Please consider me.

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