Illustration: Adeline Pericart

The short film A Particular Chronicle is the bittersweet story of a moment- a moment that may bring two characters, Alex and Simon, together…or a moment that may slip away.

• Alex: already cast
• Simon: (late 20’s/Early 30’s)

• Gothic teenage couple:
1 young woman (18yrs-Early 20’s)
1 young man (18yrs- Early 20’s)

• Neighbour couple:
1 “Mediterranean Style” woman (40/50’s)
1 “Mediterranean Style” man (40/50’s)

Brief Synopsis:
Alex’s daily routine (though full of eccentric and interesting characters) has become rigid and claustrophobic. She seems to be a witness to the wonder of life rather than a participant in it.

But all of that may change when, grabbing a quick coffee on her way to work, she notices Simon at a nearby table. He’s there the next day too. And the day after that. Alex resolves to do something about the attraction she feels for him…But will she leave it too late? And what chance have two little particles in a great big universe got of ever colliding happily together?

Shoot Details:
A Particular Chronicle will be shot in Dublin City Centre, in March/April, 2014.

Application Details:
Selected applicants will be called for audition by email.

This is a no-budget production and, therefore, the role is unpaid. However, footage will be available for the actor’s showreel. High quality digital still photographs from the shoot will also be supplied to the actor, with a DVD copy of the film.

Rehearsals might be needed so flexibility and reliability are essential.

How to apply:
Headshots, Showreels, & CV to be sent to:
Enquiries: Carl Murphy
Production: Curved Films –

Please, do not forget to mention what role you are applying for.

Auditions will be held in Dublin City Centre between 27 & 31st January 2014


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