The National Theatre School of Ireland have announced the arrival of prestigious Michael Chekhov Masters Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan for a workshop on Sunday 9th February and a performance in Smock Alley Theatre on Monday 10th February.

Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan will be at The Gaiety School of Acting (GSA) as part of the school’s Michael Chekhov Advanced Training Programme and will be holding classes during the week for the GSA’s Full Time Professional Actor Training Students as well as the students of the Michael Chekhov Programme.  The workshop on Sunday 9th February will be a Psycho / Physical Workshop that will explore the primary elements of Michael Chekhov’s technique; including imaginary body, imaginary creature and psychological gesture. These world renowned Michael Chekhov Masters will focus on the actors’ psycho / physical relationship to his or hers body.

In addition to this workshop, Ted Pugh & Fern Sloan will also perform ‘Mrs Ripley’s Trip & Uncle Ethan Ripley’ by Hamlin Garland in Smock Alley Theatre – 1662 on Monday 10th February. In this performance, Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan will play several characters who tell their story. ‘Mrs Ripley’s Trip & Uncle Ethan Ripley’ is a story about an elderly married couple living on the Great Plains and caring for their grandchild, who have difficulty communicating with each other. Jane Ripley longs to see her family in New York State but although her husband Ethan is powerless to stop her, he is against her visit home.

Jumping in and out of character, Pugh and Sloan manage to continue the sense of the inner person in their narration while clearly differentiating the storyteller from the story. They are both superb technicians and they know how to make this sort of material work. As members of The Actors’ Ensemble, Pugh and Sloan work together with the mission of developing the art of Michael Chekhov and creating and performing theatre productions.

To celebrate this fantastic opportunity, the GSA are offering a special package of the workshop and show for €112.

For more information, please visit or call 1890 258 358.


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