Mark O’ Connor’s latest feature, ‘Stalker’, is set to premiere in Irish cinemas on 26th February.

Stalker is a psychological thriller starring John Connors, Peter Coonan Barry Keoghan, The film explores the relationship that develops between an unstable homeless man, Oliver Nolan, and a young, abused boy, Tommy. which has frightening and devastating consequences. Tommy’s mother is an addict who owes money to Tommy’s Uncle Rudyard, an upper class drug dealer. When Oliver learns that Tommy is dealing drugs for Rudyard he begins to stalk Rudyard and his gang of criminals. Through flashbacks to Oliver’s childhood we learn how he became homeless and mentally ill. As Tommy’s mother’s drug habit increases Oliver finds himself having to rescue Tommy from his situation while also facing up to his past demons.

The film has won the Underground Film Festival, won second prize at the Galway Film Festival in 2012, and has been selected for film festivals in North America.



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