The short film Don’t You Know Who I Am? is due for release next month. Shot in Galway last November, the film stars Larry Love, the lead singer of Alabama 3, as Rick Rossi, a new arrival in the West of Ireland city of Galway. He’s grieving – trying to recover from the sudden death of his best friend, also the lead singer in his band: the outrageously successful Fragrance Free. He’s been told that Galway people don’t care about celebrity. It turns out that they don’t – but they also really want to make him aware of that fact.

Don’t You Know Who I Am? is directed by Paul Duane (Barbaric Genius,Very Extremely Dangerous) and written by poet, writer, journalist and broadcaster Olaf Tyaransen.

The film, produced by Screenworks, features soundtrack music by Alabama 3, including an exclusive new song ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’.

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