Tríd an Stoirm (Through the Storm) is Fred Burdy’s 2012 animated seven-minute short film created in Windmill Lane Pictures in Dublin, starring Katie McGrath.

It tells the story of a young woman trying to bring her drowned husband back from the dead.

For that, she’ll face a Banshee and will go on a harrowing journey into the Otherworld.

Speaking to Film Ireland Fred Burdy said, “I am French and moved to Ireland in early 2011 to work in Windmill Lane Pictures as a CG Artist. I always tried to write a nice story to tell and Ireland inspired me to look into the traditional Irish myths. I chose the Banshee as a classical Irish character but decided to take a lot of liberties with the Otherworld itself.

“The script of Tríd an Stoirm was written in my spare time and visually conceptualized in the beginning of 2011 and funded by the Irish Film Board. Sean McGrath agreed to produce the film and was an amazing help getting this done.

“This project was a huge team effort -140 full CG shots – and it was wonderful to work with everyone involved, with the support of Windmill Lane.

“The actress Katie McGrath was amazing – she was cast originally for the young woman part but really wanted to play the Banshee! So we tried her for both voices and it actually worked amazingly well.

“The festival run proved successful, the film was shown around the world and won four awards for Best Animation – oddly enough, all in different parts of the United States.

“It was a great project to work on, and we hope it will be enjoyed by many. I am really thankful to the Irish Film Board for funding us, and for the involvement of everyone in Windmill Lane. I really felt welcome in this country that I now call home!”

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