Preview of Irish Film at Cork Film Festival: The Summit


The 58th Cork Film Festival (9 – 17 November)

The Summit

Saturday, 17th November, 20:30

Cork Opera House
Tickets €9.00
136 Minutes

Nick Ryan’s gripping film chronicles one of the deadliest days in modern mountain history when 11 climbers, including Limerick man Ger McDonnell, lost their lives on the most dangerous mountain on Earth, K2. The film was produced by Image Now Films and Pat Falvey Productions and written by Mark Monroe, the writer of Oscar winning The Cove.

Nick spoke to Film Ireland: “I am thrilled to have The Summit play in the Opera house at the Cork film festival. As an Irish production it means a lot to be able to show the film in cinemas to audiences here. We set out to make a film that would bring the truth of what happened on K2 in 2008 to the world, and this enables people to talk and discuss the events.

“Whilst the story is an international one, I feel that to me, Ger McDonnell as the moral centre of the story is one that should especially interest Irish audiences. Amongst the shocking events in the film, he stands out as a true modern day hero.”

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