Sunday June 9th, 2pm at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

As part of the John Ford Ireland Symposium, some of Ireland’s award-winning and highly respected Actors who have delivered powerful well-crafted performances over the years, join in a Discussion about the acting craft and reflecting on the ‘collaboration between the actor and director’ which was very important in John Ford’s filmmaking.


Participants include:

Stephen Rea has worked across Stage and Screen over the last thirty years and is an IFTA winner and an Oscar & BAFTA Award-nominee for his performance in Neil Jordan’s Crying Game.

Liam Cunningham is an IFTA-winning actor whose credits include Steve McQueen’s Hunger, Loach’s The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Game of Thrones.

Eileen Walsh is an IFTA-winning actor; her credits include Eden, Pure Mule and Peter Mullen’s The Magdalene Sisters.

Martin McCann s an IFTA-winning actor; his credits include Occi Byrne, Jump, Shadow Dancer and Steven Spielberg’s The Pacific.

Charlie Murphy is an IFTA-winning actress; her credits include Love/Hate, The Village, Ripper Street and Stephen Frears’ Philomena.



Ford had a style and skill in working with actors that was intelligent and he innately knew how to connect with audiences. Ford was drawn to the skill of actors who had, in many instances, honed their initial craft for the stage – developing a greater sense and awareness of the audience – right up close and personal. Ford’s initial love of the craft of acting came about through his first-hand exposure to stage & theatre as a young adult in his hometown working in the local theatre – and that love and respect for the skill and craft of acting remained with him throughout his life’s work. It gave him great joy to engage the ‘Abbey Players’ and to bring them to the US and to the big screen. Ford worked with many great actors over and over again throughout his films and that relationship and collaboration has inspired this discussion at the Shelbourne.

This event is open to the public, tickets cost €10 / €9 conc.


The Ford and Actors event is one of many at the John Ford Ireland Symposium in Dublin over the weekend of 7-9 June.  See for full details.


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