Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar, Dublin

11 June, 6.30pm

IFI & Fractal present Synthesis, a cinema screening of audiovisual works by Irish composers and artists. Curated by Fractal directors Anna Murray and Philip Lawson, Synthesis explores the ways in which music and video come together to explore ideas.

With shorter works from emerging artists interspersed with longer collaborative works, the first Synthesis programme explores darkness and texture in theme, sound and imagery. Alongside the premiere screening of Trish McAdam’s Rough Time, a work juxtaposing the downfall of one man and the rise of civilisation is Mark Linnane/Aki Aro/Colm Tobin and Donnacha Dennehy’s The Weathering, about ‘the inexorable processes of nature, sleep, death and our entanglement in these constraints’ and Marc and Luke Balbirnie’s painful Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Contrasting these is Linda Buckley and Maura McDonnell’s explorations in ambience and colour, Silk Chroma, David Collier’s study in rhythm, Shift, and Sebastian Adams and Mary Leonard’s Lightbulb. And ahead of the premiere of Gorging Limpet in Cork during the summer, Karen Power and Max le Cain’s first collaboration Involuntary Participation.

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The IFI acknowledge the financial support of the Arts Council.

Trish McAdam – Rough Time (2012) 12’30”
Luke Balbirnie and Marc Balbirnie – Trigeminal Neuralgia (2012) 4’33”
Maximilian le Cain and Karen Power – Involuntary Participation (2013) 11
David Collier – Shift (2012) 4’30”
Maura McDonnell and Linda Buckley – Silk Chroma (2010) 11’20”
Mark Linnane and Cortisol Quintet – Raining Out of a Low Sky and the Tide Way Out (2010) 2’41”
Aki Aro/Mark Linnane/ Colm Tobin and Donnacha Dennehy – The Weathering (2004) 14’05”
Mary Leonard and Sebastian Adams – Lightbulb (2012) 3’15”


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