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Put on your Bloomsday finest this June 13th at 8pm for a night of cinema and entertainment at the IFI that will bring to life the magic of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Ever had improper thoughts on Sandymount Strand? Or snapped your garter in public? Ever been in bed with Molly? Or danced the Glasnevin Shuffle? What’s with the man in the bowler hat? Why is everyone eating Gorgonzola cheese?

To celebrate this year’s Bloomsday festivities, At it Again! in collaboration with The Irish Film Institute as part of their  Monthly Must-See programme, present a unique interactive screening of Joseph Strick’s Ulysses peppered with party pieces and prizes for the best-dressed Bloomians.

Joseph Strick’s 1967 Academy Award-nominated take on James Joyce’s Ulysses is unquestionably the most faithful screen adaptiation. Banned for 30 years for being ‘subversive to public morality’ (partly due to Barbara Jeffords impassioned delivery of Molly Blooms notoriously erotic monologue), the film breathes life into Leopold Bloom’s Odyssey through Dublin with authentic locations and beautiful black and white cinematography. At it Again! will bring the screening to life with props and entertainment in the interative style of a Rocky Horror screening.

Learn to love Dublin and stop fearing Ulysses! This interactive screening is a call to action — it will unwrap the so-called mysteries of Ulysses and Bloomsday, revealing the slapstick pantomime in Joyce’s big book. Let’s make Bloomsday a fantastic carnival! Whether you’re a Joycean or a novice this is a night guaranteed to inspire you for Bloomsday.


Tickets are available now at the IFI Box Office on  01 679 3477 or online at www.ifi.ie 

Doors 8pm with pre-show entertainment and screening from 8.30pm

For the latest updates see www.atitagain.ie or At it Again! on Facebook


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