Maggie Donovan (left) and Aoife Spratt (right) as Jenny and Angie


Post-production is currently underway on the new, upcoming Irish feature film Trampoline.

Written and directed by Tom Ryan and produced by Claire Gormley, Trampoline tells the story of Angie, a girl in her early twenties who returns to her home town to become a teacher at her local school while also dealing with the absence of her father from her family.

The film was produced independently and financed by local businesses in Nenagh, Tipperary where it was also shot. Aoife Spratt stars in the lead role as Angie, with support from Audrey Hamilton, Maggie Donovan, Eddie Murphy and Niamh Algar.

Trampoline is a contemporary drama which deals with relevant issues that many people in their mid twenties are forced to deal with after finishing college.

The movie is currently in post-production with the aim of being completed by the end of the summer for festival entries.

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