Tara Breathnach - 'May' in A Nightingale Falling


Tara Breathnach

An impressive cast has just been confirmed for a new feature film shooting this July in County Offaly. A Nightingale Falling, based on the novel by PJ Curtis, is set against the backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920s.

The film will star Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy.

Tara is currently starring in The Last Days of Anne Boleyn on BBC2. Muireann Bird has just completed a UK and Irish tour of Brian Friel’s Translations, while Gerard McCarthy is currently on our screens in the hugely successful BBC series The Fall.

A Nightingale Falling is a story of a household and its inhabitants caught in the crucible of the merciless politics, cruelties and hardships of the period. It is also a story of love, and the dark secrets that lead to broken hearts.

The film will be produced by Mixed Bag Media, the company behind the award winning feature documentary Who is Dervla Murphy, the recent documentary A Grand Experience broadcast on RTE, and the award winning short films Bogman and The Road of Souls.

Filming commences on the low budget feature this July in Daingean, County Offaly, and will be directed by Garret Daly and produced by Martina McGlynn.

‘We are so excited to have such an exciting group of actors join this film’ commented Martina McGlynn. ‘Their combined talents and experience makes this a mouth watering prospect for this story. It’s a powerful drama and I’m in no doubt that audiences will be in for something special from these performers.’

Meritta Gorman-Geoghegan has also been confirmed as the films costume designer. She will oversee the costume design and creation of 1920’s ensembles for the main cast.

The film is expected to be completed in early 2014.

Further casting details will be unveiled over the next few weeks.

For more information visit www.mixedbagmedia.com

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