Des Daly as Flyboy
Des Daly as Flyboy


Best described as ‘Banana-man meets The Accused‘, Flyboy is a jet-black Irish comedy series for the web.

A twisted tale of flight and forced entry, heroism and heartache, FLYBOY tells the story of an ineffectual superhero that falls victim to sexual assault.

Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, this highly cinematic web series dares to ask the age-old question: What does it mean to be a man?

Written and directed by Keith Jordan and produced by Séamus Connolly for Modcot Films, the four part series features the acting talent of Des Daly, Sharon Clancy, Amy Kelly, Aidan Corrigan and Stephen Thompson.



Episode One:

Episode Two:

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  1. Will it be as ‘hilarious and heartbreaking’ as The Roaring Twenties?

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