Screening Date: Friday, May 31st, 2013 – 6.30pm


Location: Triskel Arts Centre, Christchurch Cinema, Tobin St., Cork City


The End Of The Earth Is My Home

Director: Alan Lambert

Ireland / 2012 / 75 mins / Blu-Ray / Colour / 16:9


One of the first Irish feature films to have been made through crowd funding, The End Of The Earth Is My Home has emerged as quite unlike anything produced previously in Ireland. Set in a futuristic Asia of the mind, it is a trippy, visually audacious modern fantasy that takes inspiration from the Asian Monkey King stories and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Although rooted in a sci-fi thriller premise involving an order of immortals and multiple time zones, replete with car chases and assassinations, The End Of The Earth Is My Home is more a sensory experience than a narrative one. A pulsing kaleidoscope of shifting visual and sonic rhythms, this 21st century phantasmagoria is one of the few films to truly explore the visionary potential of science fiction beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling. ( Max Le Cain )


Its international cast, headed by Junshi Murakami, Dominique Monot and Mona Gamil, also features Black Sun’s own Vicky Langan in a pivotal role as the goddess Yama.


The original soundtrack is by European Sensoria Band.


The film uses very few CG effects, most of the effects being achieved in-camera with back-projections, models and other old studio techniques.


Principal Cast: Junshi Murakami ( Japan ), Dominique Monot ( France ), Mona Gamil ( Egypt ), Fionnuala Collins ( Ireland ), Keshet Zur ( Israel ), Ademola Oladeji ( Nigeria )



The programme also includes Revisiting Solaris by Deimantas Narkevicius (Lithuania, 2007, 18 min )


Revisiting Solaris presents another poetic approach to science fiction material. This film references Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece Solaris (1972) and explores the final chapter of Stanislaw Lem’s original novel, omitted from the final film.



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At an airport on the island of Hai-Wan, a young boy witnesses a failed assassination attempt. The assassin, a young woman called Mei, abducts the boy and brings him to her superior, the Metal Dragon. The Metal Dragon is the last of an old order of immortals living secretly in Hai-Wan. He resides on the top floor of the Gold Hotel, from where, via “all-seeing” security surveillance, he presides over the four dragons of the island’s districts. The Metal Dragon imparts the secret of his long life to the boy before banishing him onto the neon lit streets of Hai-Wan.




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