Yvonne Catterfeld and Cecelia Ahern

Yvonne Catterfeld and Cecelia Ahern

Best selling Irish author Cecelia Ahern whose books are published in 46 countries and have collectively sold over 13 million copies writes for the ZDF ‘Heart Cinema’ series.

Shooting started on Tuesday May 7th in Howth, Co Dublin for Cecilia Ahern’s “Cecelia Ahern: Zwischen Himmel und Hier” (Between Heaven and Here) and “Cecelia Ahern: Mein ganzes halbes Leben” (My Whole Half Life).

The shoot will take place in locations around Dublin and Munich from May 7th to mid July 2013. Cecelia said on set today “I’m honoured and excited to have been asked to create this series for ZDF. I hope that Germany and all my German fans enjoy seeing a slice of Ireland”.

The two films ‘Cecelia Ahern: Mein ganzes halbes Leben’ and ‘Cecelia Ahern: Zwischen Himmel und Hier’ are based on original ideas from Cecelia and developed exclusively for the ZDF channel. German director Michael Karen is at the helm with scriptwriter Stefanie Sycholt across both scripts.

‘Cecelia Ahern: Mein ganzes halbes Leben’ tells the story of a voyage into the past that smoothes the path for a romantic new beginning. After learning the truth about her Irish roots, Amelia (Yvonne Catterfeld) cannot help but feel that she is living another person’s life. She decides to trace her roots – and in doing so finds a new self-understanding in Ireland.

In ‘Cecelia Ahern: Zwischen Himmel und Hier’, Franziska (Julia Richter) arrives at Amelia’s wedding in Ireland to find her thoughts turning to her separation from her husband Rainer. While in Ireland, she meets the best man Adam (Roman Knizka) who has also found that the course of love does not always run smooth! They each fight desperately for love without sensing that destiny seems to have different plans.

Other parts are played by Sebastian Ströbe with a number of well known Irish actors such as Stuart Dunne, Kerry O’Brien, Brendan Conroy, Valerie Connor also featuring in both films.

An Andreas Bareiss Production for TV 60 Film, headed by Sven Burgemeister, edited by Anika Kern with Octagon Films, the Irish producers.


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