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Have you heard of KinoD yet? It’s an exciting new way to make short films.

KinoD, the first Irish cell of the Kino free-film movement. 


Montreal, 1999. A group of filmmakers decided to count down to the apocalypse by making one short film a month. Well the Millennium rolled past and low and behold, the world did not end. So these intrepid filmmakers kept on going, and the Kino movement was born. Today there are over 70 Kino cells all over the world, and the movement has finally reached our weathered Irish shores.


Kino is a global network of creative types with a common goal, making films with little to no budget and collaborating with each other and other cells during what are called Kino Kabarets. The movement is not-for-profit and is run entirely on a volunteer basis.


This July (12th-20th) KinoD will be hosting its very first Kino Kabaret.


The ‘Kino Kabaret’ is the most important part of the Kino movement. Kinoites gather from all around the world to take part in intense film-labs where short films are made and screened in a creative, collaborative environment, and under a strict time-span.


Similar to the 48-hour film challenge, Kabaret sessions vary from between 24 to 72 hours. On the morning of the first day participants introduce themselves and pitch. Over the following few days, participants set to work making their films, and on the last day, the finished films are screened. KinoD will host three sessions during our Kabaret, and expect participants from countries all over the world.


Cutting-edge cinema and a very cool group of people.


Today anyone can make a film. If you want to make a film with KinoD or participate in their Kabaret, do it! Their only requirements are that the film is non-commercial, under ten minutes, and a serious artistic endeavor. Kino is open to new filmmakers and seasoned professionals alike; a chance for experimentation and eccentricity, for unexpected collaborations and maverick creativity to find a voice and flourish. 


KinoD also runs bi-monthly screenings, open-mic nights for filmmakers where shorts are booked in and directors present their film. These nights are also pitching sessions for those who want to find or join a crew. 


‘Do well with nothing, do better with a little, and do it now!’


Kino is about movement. Moving yourself to make a film, moving filmmakers across borders, and moving forward in how we make and watch films. Kino is in Ireland now, and we decide what that means. Get involved today, exciting times ahead!


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