This is the second award for True-D having picked up ‘Best Irish Short’ at the ‘Dublin International short film and Music Festival’ last November. ‘It’s great to pick up Best Director,’ says director Noel Brady, ‘and it’s great to see that even though a production may be of modest production values, that it can still be recognized so well on the circuit, it’s a real honour.’

“The success of my film has to be credited to the amazing performances from the cast, Michael Bates, Sinead O’Riordan, Conor Marren, Fergal Cleary, Hilary Cotter and Mark Shrier, all putting in sterling performances.  And not forgetting a brilliant crew, with Daniel Balteanu as DP, and just amazing music supplied by Elder Roche.’

Coupled with this success, Noel has just finished his TV pilot Ghostriders. Starring Pat Nolan and Dave Duffy of Fair City fame. This show follows two motorcyclists (Duffy and Nolan) as they travel around Ireland visiting haunted places. Here they meet a local expert who regales them with the history of the venue, and how it came to be haunted.

Each episode will have a near-film quality reenactment of how the respective venues came to be haunted. In the pilot Noel teams up once more with two stars of True-D Fergal Cleary, who takes on the role of the Buck Whaley and Conor Marren this time in the role of Tom Dolan. Fergal and Conor are joined by Áine DeSiún as Isabelle Dolan, and Gerry Wade appears as the ‘local expert’.  At present Ghostriders is being seen by RTÉ, and Noel will be going through the commissioning round in the near future.

‘The future is looking very bright at the moment, lets hope it keeps that way.’
Check out the trailer  for Ghostriders here




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