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Newport Beach Film Festival (25th April – 2nd May)

Short film Jonny Boy, written and directed by Laura Way, is screening in competition at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Featuring veteran American actor Jon Polito (Seinfeld, Miller’s Crossing), the film tells the story of Jonny, a loving husband who comforts his dying wife Nell (Irene Wright) as she gradually slips away. Determined to reveal the burden that she has been carrying for their thirty-five year marriage, Nell confesses a secret, which opens a door to Jonny’s past, bringing her life, and his, round full circle.

Way, who wrote and directed the award winning short Sugar Stick, also starring Irene Wright, is best known for her work as an actress in Anton, The Tudors and Dearbhla Walsh’s BBC drama, The Silence. She recently completed the Filmbase MSc Digital Feature Film Production Course where she directed one segment of the feature film Keys to the City. Shirley Weir, (Stitch Films), produced and co-wrote the short film with director Laura Way. Funding for the production was awarded by the Irish Film Board as part of the Short Shorts funding scheme, designed to support upcoming filmmakers.

Jonny Boy has enjoyed a successful festival run following its premiere in the Corona Cork Film Festival, screening in competition internationally, including Festival Cine De Huesca, Boston Irish Film Festival and Braunschweig International Film festival, among others.

The film also stars Ronan Wilmot, Daniela Vanasco, Brian Fortune and Kathleen Tierney. Director of Photography was Noah Eli Davis, Post Production Superviser and edited by Frank Reid (Stitch Films), makeup by Lorraine McCrann, Colourist Ian De Bri, original score composed by Rori Coleman.

Jonny Boy screens in the Newport Beach Film Festival on Monday 29th at 8.30 pm.

The trailer for the film can be viewed here:


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