Illustration: Adeline Pericart

The Participants

Feature Film : Still Films
Shoot Dates: July 2013
Location: Co.Offaly
Audtions: BLOCK T. Smithfield, Dublin.
Saturday 27th April 2013.
10am – 5pm

The Participants is a sci-fi film set in rural Ireland.
There are no adults, only children, who fend for themselves in a bleak
desolate location. Their world is a game – a giant board game. The game is
played to survive in the gang, ruled by the eldest boy MIKHAIL. The kids
spend their days dressing up, scavanging, chasing, hiding.
What happens when there are no adults to tell them what to do? Without
adults to refer to, do the kids even know that they are kids?
The Participants will explore the roles and the identities we inherit and
we take on.
Why do boys wear blue, girls pink? How does society shape our identity?
What do we do to fit in? Why do we feel we need to try so hard to conform?
What happens to ideas of age and gender in an world run only by children?
Casting children and teenagers playing 7 – 17.
Screen Age: 12-15yrs old.
Appearance: Androgynous.
Emilia is a long haired, pretty, tall, willowy girl. She is sensitive, analytical, a keen
scientific brain, a thinker. Pensive, practical, sharp, reserved and very observant.
Role: Emilia is the lead character in the film. Emilia’s character loses a round of
games, and therefore has to replace another character to survive in the game.
Emilia switches her identity toBoris.
She tie’s her hair back and pretends to be a boy for the second half of the film.
Screen Age: 15-17 years old.
Appearance: Teenage Jock. Well built, burly, strapping lad.
Mikhail is the tyrant of the gang, a bully, the despot. Athletic and physically strong,
he rules with an iron fist. Highly competitive. Mikhail knows his strength, it makeshim superior. Power hungry, he spends all of his time keeping the other kids down,
keeping them scared, he breeds fear to rule.
Screen Age: 10-15 years old.
Appearance: Androgynous. Waif.
JOSEPH. Small for his age, like a peacock, proud. He can look like a girl, or a boy
dressing up as a girl. He is constantly making necklaces out of things he finds, and
ties colorful bits of cloth to his clothing in ways he finds pretty. He loves to wear
make up. He is fiercely proud, and despite his frail size he is fearless. He is not
competitive like many of the other kids, yet coolly confident and somewhat aloof.
Screen Age: 14-16 years.
Appearance: Healthy, bright eyed, strapping lad.
Boris is outgoing, gregarious. A handsome boy who loves running fast for the feeling
of it. Instantly likeable and charismatic. A beaming smile. The boy everyone looked
up to in school who was also the teacher’s favourite. Highly athletic, he excels at all
the games. Not a ‘macho’ boy, Boris is the kind who will befriend the underdog.
Curious. Inquisitive. Affectionate. A kind soul.
Singer, must have a talent for singing solo*
Age 7-10. Similar to Borris.
The film will be workshoped with little written dialogue, so confident
children and teenagers willing to improvise please.
***Ideally looking for older to play younger
***Casting all ethnicities



  1. i would be interested in getting a little more information about these auditions for my drama pupils. is it nesessary to book an audition or can the students turn up on the 27th April.
    thank you
    Paula Conlan
    Drama Teacher
    Stage Academy

  2. I would like more information on this but I love acting I am really good im also 11 and I would like the part Emilia so far thank you

  3. i would like more information on the part of Emilia im 13 and love acting so far thanks

  4. I’m interested in this, sounds perfect. Will contact through website, thanks.

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