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Blinder Films are seeking a highly motivated person to join their creative team as a part-time Development Assistant working withHead of Development and senior staff to assist in the development of their slate of feature film and television projects.

The position would provide excellent experience for a person embarking on a career in film and television development and they would gain many skills and knowledge on the inner workings of the development team at a production company and working with writing and directing talent.

Key Responsibilities:

• Support their Head of Development at every stage of the development of active or potential feature film and television projects. This includes creative support, the administration of active projects, and any research or further reading required, using initiative when anticipating the next step with each project.

• Responsibility for the administration and streamlining of the development system at Blinder Films. This includes the running of our submissions system, coverage lists, talent lists, agent lists, contact lists etc.

• Reading and providing coverage and feedback on solicited submissions to the company, both internally to the Head of Development, but also as instructed to those who have submitted the material (scripts, treatments, novels etc).

• Proactively seeking out new talent for Blinder Films to work with and potential projects to consider.

• Building and actively maintaining relationships with key development collaborators – e.g. agents, publishers, new writers and directors, literary managers etc.

• Coordinating meetings, schedules and other necessary logistics required by the Head of Development.

• Ability to be flexible and fast thinking – reshuffling priorities as work flows change and development runs its course

• Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently with talent and other collaborators and clients.

Candidates will gain experience in:

• Working closely with the Head of Development and other senior staff on project development in a research, admin but also highly creative capacity

• Aiding in maintaining existing systems and contacts for the company and its projects

• Aiding in the selection and development of new projects for the company

• Aiding with the constructing of funding applications and contracting for new and existing development projects

• The day to day running of the development system of a busy and successful film production company

The successful candidate would have:

• Some experience in script development and the generation of development notes – for example, coverage, script development notes, script feedback.

• An active interest in film and film development and production including an awareness of current industry trends and climates, ideally, new directors and writers

• Excellent organisational and multi-tasking skills and initiative

• An ability to multi task and prioritise time sensitive and important tasks

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Deadline: 19th April 2013


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