Filmbase, in association with beActive Media presents a special masterclass on building a low-budget film franchise using the soon to be released Beat Girl as a case study. Beat Girl started out as the first drama on social media network Pinterest, then followed a book, a YouTube series, a TV series, a videogame, a music experience and now, a feature film for theatrical, VoD and DVD release.  Beat Girl is a new Irish, low-budget feature that hits cinema screens in Ireland and the US this May.


Beat Girl is a multi-platform series centred on a young girl’s musical self-discovery in the exciting world of DJing.  Beat Girl has been released in a variety of forms including a web and TV series, the book written by Jasmina Kallay, iPhone and iPad applications and it was the first scripted series to be told on Pinterest, the image-orientated social network, using photos, images and videos.


The film version of Beat Girl, directed by Mairtin de Barra, will be released on May 10th in cinemas and via VoD and DVD; its remake rights have also been bought by a Hollywood company for a US adaptation.


In advance of Beat Girl’s cinema release, Filmbase will host a panel discussion with the team behind Beat Girl, as well as local funders and practitioners from the growing Irish computer games and digital marketing sectors. Using Beat Girl as a case study the event will focus on the potential for low-budget filmmakers to create cross-platform opportunities and develop franchise formats.


With a decade of experience in international co-productions, multi-platform content production, format development, and licensing, the company behind Beat Girl, beActive, is in the vanguard of next generation entertainment. Sofia’s Diary, beActive’s first Transmedia series created in 2003, has already been produced and localized in 10 territories mixing TV, internet, mobile and other media.


Following the panel discussion attendees will be given the opportunity to have an exclusive advance screening of the film.


The event takes place at Filmbase on Saturday 27th April with the Panel discussion from 3 – 6pm, followed by the screening from 6.30 – 8pm. This is a free, but ticketed event. To register your interest in the event please email and include your full name and contact number in the email.


The trailer for Beat Girl can be viewed here.



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