Check out the trailer for Gerard Barrett’s Pilgrim Hill  , which will be released in Irish cinemas on April 12th.

Pilgrim Hill  tells the story of Jimmy Walsh (Joe Mullins), a middle-aged farmer living in rural Ireland. Unmarried and ill-educated, Jimmy has unquestioningly assumed responsibility for tending to the remote family land and its livestock, and has taken on the care of his ageing father in the same manner. His social life amounts to a couple of pints in the pub when he can get away, and Jimmy is clearly finding his life tough. He’s not prepared for the turn it is about to take




  1. Joanne O'Donovan Reply

    My husband won tickets to see Pilgrim Hill it wasnt really my cup of tea(reason being I am a towny now living on a farm and I like to get away from it when possible) but my husband being a farmer thought it was fantastic and I have to agree it was very true to life. I would love to get a copy of the DVD for my husband if possible could you tell me how to get hold of one please.

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