A Leadership and Strategic Company Development Programme for

film, television, animation, post-production/facility houses,

commercial, digital media, sales and distribution companies.

Screen Leaders is supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board.


For further details on application forms and procedure please contact Helen McMahon, Programme Director at helen.mcmahon@fas.ie or visit www.screentrainingireland.ie 


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Creative Leadership

Developing a leadership strategy, leadership culture and business strategy is a substantial investment, but one that will yield real results for your company.

These benefits include the ability to implement planning, adapt to change, foster innovation and make informed, strategic decisions that support the future growth of your company.

To develop a business in this way demands a leader who looks beyond the day-to-day operations to hold a global view.

Screen Leaders provides you with the opportunity to take a step back and invest in your own development and in your company’s development. Our team will work with you and your company, to plan strategically, influence change, collaborate and communicate effectively.

We will equip you with the tools needed to implement your new strategy for your company.

Screen Leaders is a leadership course. It is specifically designed for professionals working in the creative industries: film, television, animation, digital media, distribution, exhibition and facility companies.

What Screen Leaders offers your company?*

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Improved leadership culture
  • Company Growth and development
  • Strategic Planning (drafting of a five-year business plan)
  • Application of business acumen to creative processes
  • Skills to implement your strategic plan
  • Fostering of innovation
  • Adapt to effective change
  • Leadership coaching
  • Improved operational structure
  • Financial Planning
  • Development Process
  • Cross industry network i.e. film, television, animation, digital media, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition
  • Custom designed market sessions (banking, co-production opportunities, developments in the marketplace, new business models, company case studies, packaging projects etc.)
  • Managing Talent

How is the training delivered?

Our first step will be to learn more about your company.

During our initial consultation process, we work with you and your company to identify your objectives in taking part in the program and custom design the content as a response to these needs. This custom-designed content is a unique aspect of Screen Leaders.

The core, constant elements of Screen Leaders will include the following:

  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Strategic Planning training and mentorship
  • Executive coaching will be offered throughout by our Leadership Course Director
  • Financial Planning
  • Industry market sessions with industry leaders exploring current and new market developments

As mentioned above, plenary sessions will be informed by the needs of participating companies.   These sessions will relate to developments in the current marketplace from topics such as: finance, new business models, banking, branded entertainment, packaging EU projects for the US marketplace, distribution landscape, company case studies etc.

The guest speakers attending are all top-tier professionals from Europe and the US.

What is the duration of Screen Leaders?

Screen Leaders takes place over three modules over a total of eleven days.

Module 1 will take the form of a four-day residential workshop in Ireland.

Module 2 will take the form of a two-day workshop on Strategic Planning, which will take place in Ireland and Berlin (the participants can choose the most suitable location for this workshop)

Module 3 will take the form of a four-day residential workshop in Copenhagan, Denmark.

Between modules 2 – 3, our Strategic Planning Course Director will meet with you to discuss the initial draft of your companies Five Year Plan and our Leadership Coach. This meeting will take place in Ireland and (for companies based in Europe) in Berlin.

When does the programme taking place?
• Module 1 – 20th -23rd of June 2013 Ireland
• Module 2 – July 2013 (2 days tbc with each company) in Ireland and Berlin
• Module 3 – 28th November to the 1st December in Germany
• One day of meetings on the implementation of your strategic plan and leaderships coaching in October 2013 (tbc with each company)

Which companies would best benefit from Screen Leaders?
To benefit most from this programme, you must have a minimum of Five Years working at a senior level in a company.

The nature of your company’s business may include, but not limited to the following: Film, Television, Animation, Digital Media, Sales, Exhibition, Distribution, Production/ Post Production, Film Festivals, Facility Companies.

How many can attend from your company?
Each company’s participation will be limited to two representatives at senior level of management. During Module 2 (Strategic Planning), we encourage participation from our members of your company’s team, although all costs associated with their attendance must be borne by your company.

How many companies will be participating?
To ensure an optimal learning environment, participation will be limited to 15 companies (two key practitioners from each company i.e. CEO/Owner/COO/CFO/Lead Producer)

How much does it cost?
Screen Leaders EU costs €5,000 per participating company, to include two representatives. Included in the price are accommodation and all meals. Travel costs are excluded.

Scholarships are available from the 12 new EU member states (Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lituania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Croatia, and Malta.
How do I get more information?
For more information on Screen Leaders, to apply for the course and to get further information, please contact Helen McMahon at +353 1 6077461 or email helen.mcmahon@fas.ie

Deadline for Applications – 29th March 2013



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