Production is set to begin on the latest Liam Upton project, Waiting. An abstract piece, the film centres around a girl, waiting in a park as people ebb and flow around her. The girl is stationary and elusive, ever beggin the question ‘what is she waiting for?’.


‘It draws a lot of inspiration from theatre.’ explains the writer/director, ‘especially Beckett and the theatre of the absurd. A story without a story, so to speak, one which still captures your attention but at the end of the day, you’re not sure what you watched. I like to make people think.’


The film, set to begin shooting on the 16th of March in south Dublin will be Upton’s second film in 2013. He is also working on the 15 minute, Passing By (, starring Megan Armitage and Aron Hegarty, and has just launched his personal website ( and Facebook page ( Previous work includes It’s a Wonderful Death (Light House Shorts, Underground Cinema Festival) and Falling (Underground Cinema Screening, trailer here[])


Waiting is set to star Anthony Kinahan, Carol O’Reilly and Aron Hegarty, who will also feature in Passing By. 1st AD is Gavan Duffy and DoP will be Alan Rogers.


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