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Genius: Liam & Emmet is currently casting.


Genius is a fictional documentary series focusing on the lives of two middle-aged men who were child prodigies in their youth. Their intelligence and exceptional grades in school were commended when they were both the topics of documentaries while they were still children with their whole lives ahead of them and so much potential.Characters:

Liam Reilly, Male, Age: 38-43
Liam is a short, chubby man in his early forties. He is overly cocky and thinks very highly of himself, although he is quite a seedy, perverted man.

Jennifer McManus, Female, Age: Early 30-34
An attractive woman in her early thirties. She appears to be quite ditsy and bimboish on the surface, but she takes her job very seriously and is working to achieve her dream of becoming a documentary filmmaker.
Karl Cooney, Male, Age: 24-27

Karl is a handsome young man who aspires to become a camera man.

Mike O’Connor, Male, Age: 35-40
Mike is very pretentious and believes he has outstanding creative skills when in fact he is not as talented as he believes.
Darren Byrne, Male, Age early 40’s

Darren is a very quiet, shy and genuinely friendly man, who lacks in confidence which allows people to walk all over him.

Mary Phelan, Female Age 38
A rude lower class woman. Although attractive in her youth, Mary has let herself go, now being overweight and constantly wearing scraggy clothes and greasy hair.

Mr. O’Connor (Mike’s Father), Male, Age: late 50’s to 60’s
Mr. O’Connor is grumpy and quite old-fashioned.

Tom Flanagan, Male, Age: Mid-Late 30’s.
Tom is a well known Irish filmmaker. Tom is quite an artsy, middle class man who wishes to inspire young filmmakers to pursue a career in the film industry.

Send headshots, showreel material, and any other relevant material via e-mail and the producers will get back to you regarding audition dates, (most likely the first and/or second week of march with a view to shooting mid-late March).

The shoot will be around around Galway City.

Please note these are unpaid roles but the producers are happy to provide copies of the series to the actors.

Producer: Gary Flaherty 

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