Illustration: Adeline Pericart


Audition Notice: Student TV show in DIT Auinger St. on the 7th of March.
Synopsis/Basic Running order:
Relatively fast paced game show. One presenter, two teams of two people (one male, one female per team).
Round 1:
One member from each team compete against the other team member and the clock on various tasks and challenges (see below).
Results of tasks are decided by two “Irish Mammies”. Each team has one “help card”; “Phone a Mammy”, one of the mammies can then assist the team in the task.
Vox-pop from streets Round 2:
Quick fire round of question with buzzers(dog toys/ rattles/ rubber ducks), with questions about old wives tales about “cures” or “cleaning tips” or superstitions i.e. “True or False”.
• How many potatoes peeled? (choose from selection of utensils)
• How many socks can you match? (random pair of tights and one odd sock)
• How neatly can you fold a fitted sheet?
• Changing a nappy (water pistol and Nutella in nappy)
• Can you set a table? (different kinds of knives and forks?)
• Do you know the food pyramid?
• Putting a cover on a duvet (both team members work together on this one)
Introduction to each task is by VTs of the “Irish Mammies” demonstrating how the task should be done (Title card, black and white, no dialogue, just music).
1 presenter, 4 contestants and someone as “the mammy figure” needed for a student production.
Please contact Sinead by email or by phone 0861632468


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