After a troubled gestation, Good Cake Bad Cake: The Story Of LiR finally goes public with its Premiere and Aftershow Party
on March 20th at The Sugar Club, and then screens for 4 nights at The Factory Cinema in Dublin.

Directed by Shimmy Marcus (Soulboy, Aidan Walsh – Master of the Universe), the 82-minute doc recounts
the epic struggle of rock outfit LIR and their quest to become rock stars.

While Rattle n’ Hum, Some Kind Of Monster, and The Song Remains The Same are all great music documentaries about megastar bands,
this film shines a light on the 99% of bands who don’t go on to become stars. A young band from Dublin, once tipped to be the next U2 who
dreamed of the big-time, only to see their hopes destroyed by a multitude of disasters, this is a heartbreaking tale of a band who never knew
when to quit, and who’s downfall is only matched in grandeur by the scale of their ambition.

Formed in the late ‘80s, the Dublin outfit released three critically acclaimed but commercially underachieving albums. Inveterate road warriors,
they survived legal battles, collapsed record deals, and near death bus crashes on their epic journey which is now in it’s 25th year!




  1. A documentary about an underachieving Irish band from an underachieving Irish director?

    • Film Ireland Reply

      Hi Billy, will forward you on details.

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