The latest edition of Film Ireland magazine is now available; sadly, however, this will be the final print edition of the magazine.

Film Ireland has a proud history of publication by Filmbase and over the last 25 years has enjoyed tremendous support from the film community in Ireland. We have always been delighted to have  published a magazine which could give a platform and voice to the various film communities in Ireland and to highlight, discuss and debate Irish films and shine a spotlight on the work of the emerging filmmaker.

Unfortunately, reductions in funding to Filmbase in recent years have made the continued publication of the magazine unsustainable. Through recent years Filmbase has tried hard to maintain the level of support to produce the magazine. Staff, contributors and well-wishers have all made enormous efforts to produce a quality magazine and have achieved impressive results at odds with the budgets they have had to work with. However, despite this commitment and dedication the cost of maintaining the print publication is simply not possible for Filmbase in the current economic climate.

The decision to cease publication was not taken lightly, and all of us here at Film Ireland and at Filmbase are sad to see a final issue. However, the decision was somewhat easier given existing opportunities to continue and expand the publication online. Electronic publication was not an option when Film Ireland first started, but today it offers opportunities to publish more frequently and to engage more interactively with readers. In recent years the Film Ireland website has been a companion to the magazine. From today it will become the magazine and we hope to see it grow and expand accordingly, allowing for faster and more comprehensive coverage of Irish film and film culture.

We hope you will enjoy the last issue of the magazine and celebrate with us a title which has had a remarkable place in supporting, encouraging and promoting Irish talent for the last quarter of a century. In particular we need to thank all our designers who have worked on the magazine over the years, including our current graphic designer Michelle Cunningham and all her predecessors; all of the previous editors: Johnny Gogan, John Doyle, Patrick Barrett, Frances Power, Hugh Linehan, Paul Power, Ted Sheehy, Tony Keily, Lir Mac CárthaighNerea Aymerich; our current commissioning editor Ross Whitaker; a host of guest editors, journalists and contributors too numerous to mention; our advertisers, supporters and friends in film. Of course, above all, the magazine was produced with the reader in mind and so we would most especially like to thank all of the loyal and supportive readers who enjoyed the read.

So now, please join us online for the next evolution of Film Ireland.

Film Ireland
Niamh Creely
Gordon Gaffney
Steven Galvin



In this edition, we feature:

The Summit

Steven Galvin met with Nick Ryan to discuss his award-winning documentary.


What Lenny Did

Ross Whitaker talks to director Lenny Abrahamson about his evolution as a filmmaker.


The Last Word

After 25 years, to mark the final print edition of Film Ireland Magazine, we bring together past editors to talk about where the magazine came from and what the future holds. 


You Shoot, He Scores.

Ross Whitaker talks to Oscar®-nominated film composer Brian Byrne about his approach to making film scores.


The Reel World

Niamh Creely talks to the three filmmakers behind this year’s Reel Art Documentaries.



Where I Am

Niamh Creely talks to Pamela Drynan about her documentary, which tells the remarkable story of an exceptional man.


Top Ten

David Neary speaks to IFTA CEO Áine Moriarty about ten years of the Irish answer to the Oscars®.


Animation Nation: The new dawn of Irish animation

David Neary talks to the movers and shakers making it happen.


Digital Biscuit

Ross Whitaker takes the biscuit at the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland’s event, which explores the future of film production in the digital world.



Carmen Bryce talks to Kieron J. Walsh about his Derry-based crime thriller that isn’t about the Troubles.



Moore, Moore, Moore!

Steven Galvin talks to the Irish director of  A Good Day to Die Hard, John Moore, who’s making a big bang on the action scene.


Layers Of Deception

James Phelan reports from STI’s and WGI’s TV writing seminar in Dublin.


Lens Flair

Steven Galvin caught up with PJ Dillon to discuss his craft and his work on Earthbound.


Sounding Off

Rachel Lysaght asks ‘Where my ladies at?’


Plus our Regulars:


Up Close – with Peter O’Toole, plus Kate McCullough on ‘My Inspiration’.

Your Updates – all the latest Irish film news.

BAI – the latest news from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Spotlight – Sarah Griffin on The Hardy Bucks Movie.

On Set – David Neary on the set of Collider.

Reviews – Death of a Superhero, Dollhouse, Man on the Train, Men at Lunch.

Festivals – all the latest festival reports & previews.

Filmbase News – all the latest from Filmbase.

Equipment – Adobe Story.

MEDIA Desk – news & dates to keep in your MEDIA Diary.




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