For anyone interested in film the early months of the year are particularly interesting. It’s a time when the studios release the films they hope will land Oscar gold. Film fans in Cork are in for a double treat in February, not only do they get to sample the Oscar hopefuls currently screening in cinemas across Cork, they also have the opportunity to take part as extras in a film shoot.


The film, which is produced by Cork based production company, Epic Productions, is shooting its final scene in The Franciscan Well in Cork on Sunday, 24th of February and the filmmakers have issued a call for extras.


“It’s been a wonderful shoot and the support we’ve had from the people of Cork has been brilliant so far,” says writer Dave Horgan. “We’re all from Cork so we’ve drawn heavily on friends and contacts we’ve built up over the years.”


Director Chris Cullen agrees, “The film scene in Cork is really vibrant at the moment. We’ve a fantastic film festival, a wonderful resource in The Cork Film Centre and many of the people shooting films here at the moment studied film production in St. John’s.”


Film has always been a notoriously tricky game to break into, not least because of the costs involved in producing a feature and it takes a brave soul to tackle a feature film. “Generally speaking, younger filmmakers tend to concentrate on short films and then use those films as “calling cards” to try to break into the industry,” says Chris. “We felt it would be more ambitious to just plough ahead and make a feature on the kind of budget that most filmmakers would use on a short. It’s definitely a risk but we thought it a risk worth taking!”


And the risk certainly seems to have paid off. The feature is almost complete with just one scene left to shoot; the scene in the Franciscan Well.


“We’ve had such support from people in Cork throughout this whole process so we’d just like to say thanks to the everyone that helped out so far and ask anyone that’s interested in film making and the film making process to come along to the Franciscan Well at 4:00 pm on the 24th of February to take part in this final scene,” adds Chris.


“Unfortunately we don’t have money to pay the extras but we’ll take names and email address of anyone that turns up and give them tickets for a Cork screening,” adds Dave. “If ever a film can lay claim to being made in Cork then this is it. It’s written, directed, shot and produced by Cork people and nearly the entire cast is from Cork, so we’ve very proud of the connection we have to the city and county.”


The final scene will be shot entirely on location in The Franciscan Well in Cork at 4:00 pm on Sunday, February 24th. The film makers are looking for extras. No film experience is necessary. Duration of the shoot will be five to six hours.


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