Image: Adeline Pericart

John Moran bursts into song at ‘Les Misérables’ as part of our Oscar 2013 Best Film countdown…

[ à la “Castle on a Cloud”]

There is a small man made of gold,
I’d like to see him hail success.
Are we expecting anything less
From Oscar, a small man made of gold?

There is Ms Hathaway shining through,
Dreaming the dream of an Oscar win.
She sings quite well, and your heart, she’ll touch.
Will she say, “Oscar, I love you very much”?

I know a film in which the poor rise up.
I know they hope for revolution.
As a solution, it’s not allowed.
It’s just a castle on a cloud.

(Musical interlude)

There is a small man made of gold
He’d like to reward a great romance,
And now Les Mis has a good chance
Of winning a small man made of gold.

We know that the poor have it so bad.
We know it makes middle class types sad.
Oscar likes when the poor win through;
He says to such, “You deserve me very much.”

I know a film with a story that’s old.
I know, with its songs, it put bums on seats.
Ignoring a goldmine is not allowed,
Not with a cast singing live and loud.

John Moran


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