Happy Valentine’s Day from Henry & Sunny Films!

As a special treat for short film lovers, Henry & Sunny Films are  streaming their latest short film, On Our Way, from 12pm-12am (GMT). If you like it why not tell us on  www.facebook.com/onourwaythefilm or tweet us at @onourwaythefilm.

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Written and directed by Fergal Rock (‘Henry & Sunny’, ‘Tom Waits Made Me Cry’), the film stars Dorothy Cotter (‘Henry & Sunny’, ‘The Savage Eye’) and Matthew Keenan (‘Henry & Sunny’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘The Clinic’). With cinematography by Orla Russell-Conway (‘Henry & Sunny’, ‘Full Circle’), the film was produced by Fergal Rock and Noni Stapleton and edited by Nick Callan (‘Henry & Sunny’).

Plot Synopsis:

A chance encounter between two lost souls (Thomas and Anna) leads to a night of unexpected revelations, late night coffee and bottle-smashing. Unfolding over the course of a single night, On Our Way is a hopeful tale of missed connections and second chances.

On Our Way marks Fergal Rock and Orla Russell Conway’s second collaboration as Writer/Director and Cinematographer. Their last short film Henry & Sunny (2009) was highly successful, screening at numerous film festivals in Ireland, U.K., Europe and the U.S.A. The film garnered a lot of positive attention, winning the public vote in the Rotterdam Film Festival’s ‘New Arrivals’ competition and the Best Cinematographer prize at the Underground Cinema Awards in Dublin 2010. Fergal Rock and Dorothy Cotter were nominated in the Best Director and Best Actress categories at the Feel Good Film Festival 2010 in Hollywood, L.A.

On Our Way was shot entirely on location in Dublin, Ireland.

The film was completed with the support of a Fund It campaign.

Poster designed by Paula McGloin.


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