Migrant Artists on Ireland Series
Sat 16th of Feb at 6pm

Admission: Free

Screening & Talk

Treasa O’Brien – 

Too Good to Resist

Too Good to Resist (working title) is a creative social documentary in development by Treasa O’Brien and Mary Jane O’Leary exploring Irish reactions (or lack of) to austerity measures and structural adjustment in the wake of the bleating Celtic Tiger economy that never thought for society.

The filmmakers travelled around Ireland in Summer 2012 to find out why, in comparison to its European neighbours suffering similar fates, do people not take to the streets to demand more just solutions and a more hopeful future?  Does emigration mean that those who might fight are in flight? Is there really radio silence or are there movements afoot? How have other European societies responded? Is there a tipping point or are the Irish just too good to resist? The film will look at the wider European context as well as draw on history, politics, culture, anthropology, sociology, and even meteorology to explain why.

Treasa O’Brien, will present the film–in–progress and discuss her own position as an insider/outsider migrant in the making of the film.

Treasa O’Brien is a filmmaker from Kerry.  She lives in London where she runs a documentary film festival Open City Docs Fest. She makes documentary, fiction and experimental films but is mostly interested when these distinctions collapse. Her films and art have been shown internationally in festivals, social spaces, cinemas and on TV.  She studied visual art in Limerick, filmmaking in Goldsmiths and writes and curates on art and film.  She is making Too Good to Resist with her friend and collaborator Mary Jane O’Leary who is from Cork and is currently living in Barcelona. 


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