This January marks the 25th anniversary of Predator’s release in Irish cinemas. To celebrate, on Wednesday 30th January, The Producers will screenthe-kill-or-be-killed, explosive, non-stop action-fest in The Sugar Club, Dublin.


In a part of the world where there are no rules, deep in the jungle where nothing that lives is safe, a tough as nails elite rescue squad who ain’t got time to bleed are led by the ultimate warrior Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger).


On a mission to rescue hostages from guerrilla territory in Central America, the group find themselves being hunted by the ultimate enemy — an extra-terrestrial warrior, and nothing like it has ever been on earth before. It kills for pleasure, it hunts for sport. But this time, it picked the wrong man to hunt.


Director John McTiernan’s sci-fi blockbuster has become a much-loved action classic, standing the test of time and entertaining fans for 25 years.


Join us for a night of beer, pizza, explosives, Arnie one-liners and in the spirit of the film, some “ugly motherf**kers” —live-action predators.


Tickets €6/€7 are available at (

Doors from 8pm.

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