‘Midnight Man’ Wraps

Filming on Midnight Man has recently wrapped –  the first feature film from First Quarter Films, a filmmaking partnership made up of Rob and Edward Kennedy and Andrew Mahon, that has produced several award-winning horror and comedy short films over the past five years, including Trick or Treat, Wheels of Death, and most recently In the Night, in the Dark, a short shocker that was released in Irish cinemas with Paranormal Activity 2 in October 2010. For Midnight Man, First Quarter Films teamed up with longtime collaborator Lorcan Kavanagh (Producer) for a Kennedy / Kavanagh production. Midnight Man is an independent Irish horror film shot entirely on location in a Neo-Gothic mansion in Shankill, Co. Dublin in October / November 2012.

The filmmakers are hard at work in post production and hope to introduce ‘Midnight Man’ to audiences around the world in October 2013. For more information please visit www.midnightmanmovie.com


Alex, 20 going on 12, loves to be scared. Taking care of her grandmother in her remote Gothic mansion on Halloween night, and without the distractions of modern technology, she returns to her childish love of junk food and horror films. But when her gran sends Alex into the dreaded east wing for some blankets she uncovers the mysterious ‘Midnight Game’ in which the player is challenged to summon the mythical Midnight Man and then avoid him at all costs until 3:33 A.M. If Alex fails to do this, the Midnight Man will induce hallucinations of her greatest fears, of which there are many…


 Midnight Man stars up and coming actress Philippa Carson, Dorothy Clements, Rachel Gleeson (‘What Richard Did’), Stuart Hart, Emma Keane, Elaine O’Dea, Beryl Phelan, and Seamus Whelan.


Rob Kennedy: Writer / Director / Producer / Camera
Lorcan Kavanagh: Producer
Edward Kennedy: Producer / Sound
Andrew Mahon: Executive Producer / Chief Lighting Technician
Billy Keane: Executive Producer / Clapper Loader
Ian Horner: Music
Betty Jean Corcoran: Makeup & Hair
Nina Ayoub: Special Makeup Effects
Hannah Lamont: Production Manager
Dan Dalton: Clapper Loader / Art Department


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