A new Irish-made short film by debut director Gary J Byrnes is in post-production and will be seen during 2012, the centenary year of Bram Stoker’s death.

Vampire Story is a 15-minute long short film, filmed to the highest production standards on DSLR equipment. Locations include the Shelbourne Hotel, which was a favoured venue for socialising by Bram Stoker.

Writer and director Gary J Byrnes said:

‘We want to link Bram Stoker with Dublin, his hometown, in the eyes of the world. Our film is about a struggling writer in modern Dublin who turns out to be a vampire. We discover that vampires are running an Irish bank and the lead character, The Writer (played by Philip English), ends up feeling guilty about the enslavement of Irish kids. Vampire story is primarily an entertaining vampire thriller, but the film also has a social commentary.

“The film and literature worlds owe a huge debt to Bram Stoker, who died in London on April 20, 1912, and this short film aims to help with the recognition of Stoker and his genius. Dracula remains an excellent read and has inspired virtually everything that’s now called the vampire genre, up to and including the Twilight novels and films.

Vampire Story has been submitted to the FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2012 in a work version. We are now organising funding to complete the editing and post-production to my satisfaction before submitting to other A-list festivals for the film’s premiere. We can’t wait for everyone in Ireland and for vampire fans all over the world to be able to enjoy Vampire Story ,’ concluded Gary.

The film features a cast of (mainly Irish) emerging actors in a variety of locations. It also features 9 original songs by Carol Keogh, The Wazp and Damien Murphy, including 3 songs written for the film by The Forever Gene (Carol Keogh and The Wazp), “Killer Heel”, “Sunburn” and “What a Pain”.

Find out more, including film stills, at www.facebook.com/vampirestorymovie



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